September 5th - 7th 2017 in San Fancisco


Three hack-/concept-days for Bitcoin Core and Lightning developers.

Invitation required. Registration mandatory.

Invited developers can request travel subsidy for up to 1'000 USD thanks to our generous sponsors.

The event is currently unconfirmed (38 invited, 26 attending, 2 not attending, 10 open)

invited people

Ordering is random (by invitation added). If you think you should be on that list, contact jonasschnelli.


sipa Pieter Wuille Core Developer Confirmed
wumpus Wladimir v.d. Laan Core Dev / Maintainer Confirmed
morcos Alex Morcos Core Developer Confirmed
sdaftuar Suhas Daftuar Core Developer Not Attending
gmaxwell Gregory Maxwell Core Developer Confirmed
adam3us Adam Back Core Developer Unknown
theuni Cory Fields Core Developer Confirmed
jonasschnelli Jonas Schnelli Core Developer Confirmed
luke-jr Luke Dashjr Core Developer Unknown
petertodd Peter Todd Core Developer Confirmed
MarcoFalke Marco Falke Core Developer Confirmed
jtimon Jorge Timón Core Developer Unknown
codeshark Eric Lombrozo Core Developer Confirmed
TheBlueMatt Matt Corallo Core Developer Confirmed
ryanofsky Russell Yanofsky Core Developer Confirmed
jnewbery John Newbery Core Developer Confirmed
jeremyrubin Jeremy Rubin Core Developer Confirmed
andytoshi Andrew Poelstra Cryptographer Confirmed
kallewoof kallewoof Core Developer Unknown
nicolasdorier Nicolas Dorier Core Developer Unknown
paveljanik Janik Pavel Core Developer Unknown
phantomcircuit Patrick Strateman Core Developer Confirmed
instagibbs Gregory Sanders Core Developer Confirmed
maaku Mark Friedenbach Core Developer Confirmed
btcdrak btcdrak Core Developer Unknown
jl2012 Johnson Lau Core Developer Unknown
rustyrussell Rusty Russell Lightning Developer Not attending
tdryja Tadge Dryja Lightning Developer Confirmed
roasbeef Olaoluwa Osuntokun Lightning Developer Confirmed
jmcorgan Johnathan Corgan Core Contributor Confirmed
kanzure Bryan Bishop Core Contributor Confirmed
stark Elizabeth Stark Lightning Contributor Unknown
cdecker Christian Decker Lightning Developer Confirmed
nickler Jonas Nick Researcher Confirmed
bramcohen Bram Cohen Researcher Confirmed
fanquake fanquake Core Developer Unknown
achow101 Andrew Chow Core Developer Confirmed
murch Mark Erhardt Core Developer Confirmed


San Francisco, CA 94133, USA

Conference main room
Conference small room



Interested? Contact jonasschnelli