Mon. 10th of oct. – Tue. 11th Oct. 2016 in Milan/Italy

Two public hack-days after the Scaling Bitcoin conference in Milan

No invitation required. Registration mandatory.

The event is organized by Giacomo Zuccho from The room is offered by

These hack days are intended only for those willing to come and productively contribute to Bitcoin Core or highly related projects. It is not appropriate to come just to ask questions and distract from productive development and discussion.


via Copernico 38, Milano

Current registered developers

Registration form is available here.


sipa Pieter Wuille Core Developer Confirmed
wumpus Wladimir v.d. Laan Core Dev / Maintainer Confirmed
jonasschnelli Jonas Schnelli Core Developer Confirmed (only monday)
kanzure Bryan Bishop Core Contributor Confirmed
fanquake Michael Ford Core Developer Confirmed (only monday)
Taek David Vorick SiaCoin Developer Confirmed
petertodd Peter Todd Core Developer Confirmed
instagibbs Gregory Sanders Core Developer Confirmed (only monday)
sdaftuar Suhas Daftuar Core Developer Confirmed
theuni Cory Fields Core Developer Confirmed
AmikoPay_CJP Corné Plooy Amiko Pay
(Lightning implementation)
federicospini Federicio Spini Confirmed
jcnelson Jude Nelson Non-Financial Application Confirmed
jnewbery John Newbery SegWit testing Confirmed
neha Neha Narula Performance Improvements Confirmed
isghe Isidoro Ghezzi Confirmed
GAit Lawrence Nahum GreenAddress Dev Confirmed
jtimon Jorge Timón Core Developer Confirmed
jeremyrubin Jeremy Rubin Core Developer Confirmed
RCasatta Riccardo Casatta Eternity Wall Confirmed
btchip Nicolas Bacca Ledger Confirmed
daddinuz Davide Di Carlo Confirmed
aleksey karpov bitaps Confirmed (only monday)
Maksim Boyarov bitaps Confirmed (only monday)
psztorc Paul Sztorc Bloq Inc Confirmed
droark Douglas Roark Bloq Inc Confirmed (only monday)
Yoshimitsu Homma LN Confirmed